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In the past I have shared code in VB, Delphi, and various versions of PowerBasic. In the last few years, I have been doing more Power Basic programming than other types. My libraries for other languages are a bit dated and have therefore been removed. The code here works in many cases with either PBDLL or PBCC. When specific versions are required, they are noted.

All code in these pages is shared in good faith by me, the author, Don Dickinson. By downloading and using my code you are consenting to use it at your own risk. You agree to not to hold me responsible for any effects or side effects of using the code. You further agree not to publish or sell any of the un-compiled code below without my consent. You may use it for any other purpose you see fit including compiling it in commercial, freeware, and shareware applications. If you feel like you're stealing and could use a print/preview engine, then ease your conscience and register my ddoc Print and Preview shareware - it's only $25.