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  • Twitter status updater
    A command line program to update your twitter status.
  • Remote TCP file sharing
    PBDLL 6 tcp sample - multi-threaded version
  • Remote TCP file sharing
    PBDLL 6 tcp sample - un-threaded version
  • Ras Dialing
    Wrapper and declarations for some of the RAS api
  • FTP routines
    Wrapper functions to ftp from PBCC or PBDLL
  • Freeware SMTP engine
    pb_email is my new freeware smtp email engine. Use it to easily send smtp email from PBDLL 6+ or PBDLL 2+ programs. Send emails with attachments and can dial up the internet via RAS if necssary. This is the replacement for ddsmtp
  • MAPI engine wrapper
    Wrapper around the simple MAPI api.
  • ISAPI Declarations
    This is a replacement for the isapi header translation from PB. It adds some wrapper functions and removes some globals that would cause problems in an inherently threaded ISAPI dll.