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  • Service App
    Updated for PBCC6/PBWIN10
    This is a wrapper that makes making a service application in pb very simple! Conditionally compile an application as either a console application or service application with ease.
  • MySQL Interface
    Access MySQL databases directly via their libmysql.dll library. This zip does not include libmysql.dll, you must obtain this from
  • M$SQL Interface
    Access Microsoft SQL Server databases directy via their dblib interface.
  • SQLite 3 Interface
    Access SQLite 3.x databases directly with this wrapper.
  • SQLite 2 Interface
    Access SQLite 2.x databases directly with this wrapper.
  • XML Parser v1.2
    An xml parser completely written in Power Basic. It will compile with either PBCC 2.1+ or PBDLL 6.1+
  • Extended stored procedure sample for M$SQL. This is a very simple extended stored procedure that compiles to a dll for registration in sql server.
  • RTF routines Wrappers for loading, saving, and printing from the Windows RTF common control. PBDLL Sample program included.
  • Input box module
    An alternative to the InputBox function in PBDLL.
  • Progress bar module
    Wrapper around creating and displaying a progress pop-up window.
  • EZ Twain
    My translation of the free EZ-Twain library header files. This should be considered beta as I only tested a few of the routines that I translated. The eztwain dll is not encluded. Download it from here.
  • .INI file
    Wrappers around windows .ini file routines.
  • Registry
    Wrappers around the windows registry manipulation routines.
  • Memory Sharing
    An example of passing data between processes using the WM_COPYDATA message. Demo requires pbdll and pbcc.
  • Base 36 numbers
    Functions to create and store base 36 numbers in a file. A base 36 number is composed of "digits" from 0-9 and A-Z. A 7-byte base36 number goes up to over 78 billion.
  • Bar codes
    Generate a number of different bar code formats. Function returns a string of 0's and 1's representing the lines and spaces of the bar code.
  • Memory Allocation
    GetMem and FreeMem functions for use with pointers. Like malloc, etc. in C.