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  • Power Basic
    Makers of my favorite basic compilers
  • Delphi
    The another compiler that I use.
  • PHP
    If I want to do cgi on *nix, this is what I use (with MySQL on the backend). It's free and easy to learn - especially if you have cold-fusion or asp experience.
  • Lazarus
    Cross-platform, free Delphi clone.
  • Ultra Edit
    The text editor I use for most PB and HTML programming
  • Text Pad
    Another excellent text editor
  • Homesite
    I just started using this html editor. So far it's been great. It has built-in support for PHP, Javascript, Cold Fusion, etc. The html validator has been a big help.
  • Opera Software
    A cool web browser/email client.
  • The Bat Email Client
    This is the email client that I use. It handles multiple accounts very nicely.
  • Inno Setup
    A good free setup generator.
  • 2xExplorer
    A 2-paned, norton commander-like, Windows Explorer replacement.
  • Open Office
    Replace M$ Office with this free alternative.
  • 602 Office
    Another free M$ Office alternative.

Did I miss someone? Want a link here? If so, send me an email and if the link is judged appropriate, I'll add it here.