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  • SQLite
    It's free, it's SQL, it's fast, and the PB wrappers I wrote are available for download on the Code Page
  • Perfect Sync Software - SQL Tools, etc
    Need to access ODBC from PB - get SQL Tools, nuf said. Eric did a great job on it. He also has other tools for PBDLL and PBCC that are highly regarded.
  • Tsunami
    This is a fine db engine written in PowerBasic. There are headers for VB and Delphi too. Supports variable length records, etc.
  • Cheetah
    I haven't used this extensively, but it's a database engine written in PBDLL that has turned some heads.
  • PowerTree
    Not a database engine, but an index manager. I handles indexing of whatever data you want based on its key. Fast, small and gives the database programmer lots of flexibility.
  • Griffin Solutions
    An excellent, foxpro-compatible, drop-in-BDE-replacement database engine for Delphi.
  • Codebase
    I use the codebase engine for a lot of web-based projects. It works great with PBCC. I use it instead of bullet where fox-pro compatible indices are needed. Also includes source code and a report writer.
  • MySQL
    I've had a chance to work with this on both Windows and Linux. It isn't horribly robust (no transactions without using third party database structures and no stored procs), but it works pretty good when used appropriately.
  • MS Sql Server
    I've used this a lot lately with PBCC (cgi exes) and PBDLL (isapi) calling it with SQL tools and natively with dblib. If anyone's interested in a translation of M$'s dblib header files to PB, I have a partial translation and wrapper done. Just send me an email.

Did I miss someone? Want a link here? If so, send me an email and if the link is judged appropriate, I'll add it here.