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  • Paul Squires
    Home of the FireFly visual designed for pb, the JellyFish editor, and the cheetah db engine.
  • Software Innovators - Home of the SI Grid DLL. SI Grid is a DLL based grid control written in PB/DLL and the Win32 API. SI Grid is less than 90 KB in size and supports edit box, combo box, check box, and URL cells.
  • EZ-Gui by Chris Boss
    This is the GUI designer for PB. I've heard wonderful things about it. If you hate the API, give it a hard look.
  • WinLift and Zap Solutions by Patrice Terrier
    Zap Solutions is an image management solution written in PB. The author also made his PB skin engine available for purchase. I own this one; it is very, very cool. He also has a utility dll and a btree index manager.

Did I miss someone? Want a link here? If so, send me an email and if the link is judged appropriate, I'll add it here.